Competitive Intelligence

Staying Competitive Makes the Difference Between Brevity and Longevity

Aside from building new (and competitive) features, competitive intelligence is leveraged by your sales team to respond to objections and validate market interest.  If you’re not ahead, you’re behind.


Procter & Gamble’s chairman once reflected "I can’t imagine a time in history when the competencies, the skills, and the knowledge of the men and women in competitive intelligence ... are more needed and more relevant to a company being able to design a winning strategy and act on it."

While this quote has only gained importance over time, in 1999 when the web was just beginning to revolutionize the business world, competitive intelligence meant the difference between surviving and thriving. Today, with so much information available and so many companies trying to get a piece of any market they can, firms that invest in competitive intelligence become market leaders - or define new markets. Firms that pass on competitive intelligence become counter-examples to success - lessons in what-not-do-to. Chances are we’ve worked inside of many of your competitors, or likely implemented your competitor’s products.

C2B gets results and insights that only an external partner can:

  • Demo recordings

  • Product specs

  • Implementation guides

  • Pricing sheets

  • Roadmaps

  • and more.  

Our experience plus hard-to-acquire market intelligence, means that your firm has the strategic and tactical guidance on how to respond, in what manner, and when - making you the market leader with the clear advantage.


Competitive intel Client Examples

Below are some examples of clients that we’ve supported with Competitive Intelligence. Each engagement is different, but the resulting growth is the same. Click through to reach the case studies.


Stay ahead with competitive intelligence

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