Technical Pre-sales

Technical Pre-Sales Proves Your Tech Works and is Worth the Asking Price

Most enterprise buyers want to see your tech in action. They want to verify it will work for their specific needs. If you have to drop everything and build a custom demo, it can come at a great cost to your team.  C2B can slot in where needed to keep your team on track and ensure that you’re not leaving money on the table.


A successful enterprise sales operation needs more than tradecraft and a winning personality.  When selling to enterprise buyers, you need the capabilities to demonstrate that your tech will function in their environment.  On occasion, the need for such a demonstration will be satisfied with an interactive demo UX. Often the need for a technical demonstration will require proving an integration or ingesting a sample data set and proving functionality.  But pre-sales doesn’t stop there.

If you had an interested buyer all lined up…

  • Technical Pre-Sales would build and support a custom demo

  • Technical Pre-Sales would prevent having to backfill for re-tasked resources

  • Technical Pre-Sales would mitigate business risk increasing close rate

C2B Suite onboards quickly and builds rapport with your internal team to extend functional bandwidth where needed.  Filling a purely pre-sales role or taking potential customers all the way through a proof of concept period or even executing custom implementations for paid customers, our team is ready to slot in where needed and keep your team moving forward.  

Still not sure if you need technical pre-sales? Let us show you our work and demonstrate the capability.


Technical Pre-Sales Client Examples

Below are some examples of clients that we’ve supported with Technical Pre-Sales. Each engagement is different, but the resulting growth is the same. Click through to reach the case studies.


Ready to close more deals with Technical Pre-Sales?

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