Product Launch

Launch products the right way, to the right market, with the right message

The first customer is always the hardest.  This goes double for technology companies and acquiring customers is not something companies can just turn on.  Rest assured, the C2B team is agile and ready to develop the marketing materials, sales materials, and lead generation programs to create your funnel from scratch or prepare an existing funnel for new products.


If you build it, will they come? Development-first companies often overlook the importance of a go-to-market plan, until the final days (or hours) before a product becomes publicly available.  Obviously, this all-too-common scenario leads to more failed launches then not and - most importantly - a significant delay in recovering development costs.

Product launches can be anything from a series of emails to a Superbowl ad campaign, but the right product launch for your product should address the market pain your solution solves, in value forward terms that your audience can relate to.  Equally important, if there is to be any marketing budget put behind the launch, it’s essential to know the details of the input/output expectations and model the campaign to reflect ROI thresholds (including development costs).

Whether you’re launching an MVP, a highly developed product, or a new set of features make sure you’re driving adoption (and new customer acquisition) to positive ROI as quickly and as risk-free as possible with C2B Suite product launch expertise.


Product Launch Client Examples

Below are some examples of clients that we’ve supported with Product Launch. Each engagement is different, but the resulting growth is the same. Click through to reach the case studies.


Kick off success with your next product launch

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