Pricing and Packaging Strategy

Building products rarely happens in isolation. In fact, product<>market fit could be defined as goods or services with minimal price elasticity.  In that way, pricing is a reflection of how valuable your products are for a given market.  Are you charing too much? Are you not charging enough? Does your pricing restrict access or encourage it?  All of these questions and more are answered in C2B pricing strategy work.


Nobody likes “cost plus” pricing, let’s just admit it.  Unfortunately, without pricing and packaging expertise many companies default to cost plus, to our collective dismay.  C2B uses pricing and packaging to unlock value for your customers and lower barriers to entry, while ensuring that your company increases lifetime value per customer along the way.

In the most cases, our team finds that B2B companies are reduced to a discounting arms race, just to meet the “quarterly number.” Without any thought of the value being derived by the current install base, and without substantive market intelligence on pricing, the discount game can quickly become a game of value-erosion.  To avoid this, C2B will help you to understand the market value of your solution (and how the market wants to access it) along with the internal factors that set the floor for future - more strategic - discounting.

Our team believes in the importance of critical thought in pricing and packaging so deeply, that we turned to Oracle co-founder and COO Larry Ellison to develop and evolve our own pricing over the years.  For our clients, this means that we’re putting their needs first in offering results based pricing for the services they want most. You can rest assured that our time is spent on your customers and their assessment of the solutions you offer, instead of on our own pricing and packaging.

You can continue gambling with discounts or throwing darts at a metaphorical pricing wall, or you can talk to one of our pricing experts to unlock value for your company and your customer base.


Pricing & Packaging Client Examples

Below are some examples of clients that we’ve supported with Pricing and Packaging Strategy. Each engagement is different, but the resulting growth is the same. Click through to reach the case studies.


pricing & packaging strategy Uncovers New revenue

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