Mblast was an early provider of predictive lead scoring, leveraging public data to proactively identify ready-to-buy consumer segments for Fortune 5000 firms. Prior to engaging C2B, development had focused primarily on technical capabilities, neglecting UI/UX, and the company was primarily delivering data via API, FTP, or .CSV


C2B Suite provided exemplary leadership and customer facing materials across all aspects of the sales qualification and scoping lifecycle. The sales consulting and delivery effort was always on-time, well developed and on target for our budget and ultimately, the customer’s success. I recommend C2B Suite without hesitation.

Eric Israel, VP Sales, Mblast

Business Need

With a sub-optimal UI/UX, Mblast had incredible difficulty surmounting technical pre-sales.  Despite deep interest in the value prop and case studies, opportunities would slowly fade from the pipeline without support from a dedicated Pre-Sales and Sales Consulting practice. The executive management team, along with Sales personnel, desperately needed a team built from the ground-up to address demonstration capabilities, POCs and value-based business case creation.


C2B Suite quickly onboarded and built an agile team capable of delivering highly custom demos in a technical pre sales capacity, directly impacting the pipeline with increased close-win rates.  The C2B team also recognized a need for post-sales technical support by way of a Customer Success function. Upon communicating the opportunity to Mblast leadership, C2B quickly filled that role to ensure successful implementations and extend customer lifetime.


  • Created Tableau Customer Facing Dashboards and Frameworks

  • Designed new, holistic use case approaches to value creation, including: Customer Acquisition, Upsell / Cross-sell, Retention and Churn risk  

  • Developed a quantifiable model for lead scoring and business case return

  • Established cloud-based demonstration environments and processes

  • Led all customer and partner facing pre-sales activities

  • By engaging with C2B Suite, Mblast completed a successful pivot and increased revenue and bookings by 60% over a one-year fiscal period.

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