Channel Sales Development

Channel Sales Can Be Your Low-Touch Secret to Revenue Stability

Leverage C2B Suite’s vast network of contacts, former clients, and extended connections to create and close deals.  Channel sales provides the low-maintenance revenue stability your burgeoning company needs. With your runway secure, your teams are free to push the envelope and define new solutions and new ways of working with your customer.


Early stage companies are always strapped for time, resources, bandwidth - we get it.  Business Development with Partners and Resellers is one of those things that often gets moved to the rainy day list and rarely gets revisited.  The problem with deprioritizing true Channel efforts is that when the sales team has a tough quarter or a new competitor enters the space or some massive search engine releases a free version of your app, there’s nothing to fall back on.  OEM relationships, VAR agreements, Channel Sales plans, Co-Marketing Programs and other inter-firm cooperation arrangements add stability to your business as it grows.

But, even if you wanted to move Business Development off of the backlog into the current sprint, could you? Do you want to take your best reps off new deals to pursue a completely different sales strategy?

The C2B team has extensive experience creating reseller programs where none existed prior. That means that without a reseller strategy, without terms of agreement, without any prior work from our clients C2B has created all the requisite OEM enablement materials and the pipeline opportunities to go with them.

We have repeatedly functioned within high growth startups as a small, nimble team that creates, nurtures and delivers channel growth - and we’re ready to help your firm build the right business development strategy and channel tactics to grow indirect revenue quarter over quarter.


Channel sales Client Examples

Below are some examples of clients that we’ve supported with Channel Sales Development. Each engagement is different, but the resulting growth is the same. Click through to reach the case studies.


Get Revenue Stability by Developing Channel Sales

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