C2B Suite empowers young companies to move products quickly to market by providing a unique mix of freelance product management and marketing, MVP development, business development, and pre-sales services.


We help our clients focus on core engineering and operations efforts in the early stages of growth, which provides immediate scale to their organizations efficiently.

Mobile, social, and community platforms are empowering customers in previously unimaginable ways. This inverts the legacy business-to-consumer paradigm and creates a consumer-to-business model that demands new approaches, processes, and organizations if enterprises intend to maintain leadership. Chatbots and AI platforms are becoming more important in meeting customer expectations.  Global brands are swiftly responding to this opportunity and turning to C2B Suite™ for staff augmentation, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) launches, and product best practices to get the job done.


Ready to see what C2B Suite can do for your business?

C2B Suite offers a full portfolio of services delivered by mobile, cloud, chatbot, AI and machine learning lean product experts.


C2B Suite’s Strategic Consulting Services team offers a range of services to help companies develop strategy, manage products, deploy the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, develop partnerships, and increase revenue:

  C2B Suite’s Strategic Consulting Services, Accelerated Time to Market, Pragmatic Channel Approaches
  C2B Suite’s Strategic Consulting Services,   Revenue Generating MVPs, Value-Driven Demonstrations

We offer product strategy and marketing, MVP and chatbot development, sales consulting and business development options for your organization to ensure your goals are met, and to manage any risks associated with compliance or governance. And, we transfer this knowledge to your teams, so they learn best practices from the start.


C2B Suite provides specific expertise in:

  • Agile Product Management and Development for MVPs

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Chatbot Development

  • Pragmatic Marketing Framework – Product Marketing

  • Lean Startup Methodologies


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